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Fitness and Music

QRS Renewal

Sunflower's philosophy includes growth for our children in every aspect of their worlds.  That means that we support the arts and want to introduce the children to concepts and applications early!  To that end, we utilize Luther College students in the music education and physical education fields for this purpose!  The children absolutely LOVE their "specials" days.
Sunflower participates in the Iowa Quality Rating System, which assures high quality early education for your child.  The system includes 5 levels - 1-5, which can be achieved.  Sunflower is currently at a Level 3, and is up for renewal soon.  We will apply for Level 5, which is an ambitious endeavor!  You may see outside consultants in our building, assisting us in preparing!  Always growing!

Injury Prevention Checks

Family Style Dining/Eating in the Classroom/MENU

Sunflower works closely with Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral, and in collaboration with them, participates in the state's Quality Rating System
The center received a visit from our Nurse Consultant regarding assurances that injury prevention measures are in place.  Our Consultant works with staff to continue to make improvements in all areas of injury prevention.  This is an ongoing process for the benefit of our families and staff!

It is recommended by Iowa's Child Care Resource and Referral agency to use and teach family-style dining.

What exactly is family-style dining you ask?  It involves teaching our children from a very young age to sit at a table, converse with their friends/teachers, learn how to pass bowls of food, put food on their plate, eat with utensils,  learn and use table manners, and much more!  Lunch time is also learning time!  Ask your children about their lunchtime - you may be surprised what they tell you!

It is also recommended that children eat in the classroom - there are many benefits, including less wait time for children, fewer transitions for children to tolerate, etc.

Sunflower administration, teachers and cooking staff have recently implemented eating in the classroom - we have had good success, and we have also had lessons to learn and adaptations to make!  But that is what it's all about!

We will continue to chronicle here our successes and learning opportunities as we move to fully integrate both family-style dining AND eating in the classroom - STAY TUNED!

Our Menu this Week:  April 16th-20th

School Age Playground Status

The Board of Directors, several months ago, established a Playground Committee to oversee the rehabilitation of our School Age Playground, which is in need of improvement.  Meetings are in process, grants have been received and more are being applied for, and it is hoped that within a year, we will have a new playspace with new outdoor learning opportunities for the children.