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School Age Playground

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Here is an update on our Playground Project: 

EQUIPMENT IS IN TRANSIT!  The cement slab has been poured and is ready to go!

We REALLY hope to get it installed before winter sets in- that is the plan!!

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Family Fun Night!

Family Style Dining/Eating in the Classroom/MENU

October 9th was a special day at Sunflower - it was our Family Fun Night!

We were forced inside because of the weather, but that did NOT curb the enthusiasm of the children and parents!

Games were played, GREAT food was eaten, and a sense of community was definitely fostered!

THANK YOU so much to our staff for planning this event and thank you to the families who attended!


It is recommended by Iowa's Child Care Resource and Referral agency to use and teach family-style dining.

What exactly is family-style dining you ask?  It involves teaching our children from a very young age to sit at a table, converse with their friends/teachers, learn how to pass bowls of food, put food on their plate, eat with utensils,  learn and use table manners, and much more!  Lunch time is also learning time!  Ask your children about their lunchtime - you may be surprised what they tell you!

It is also recommended that children eat in the classroom - there are many benefits, including less wait time for children, fewer transitions for children to tolerate, etc.

Sunflower administration, teachers and cooking staff have implemented eating in the classroom - we have had good success, and we have also had lessons to learn and adaptations to make!  But that is what it's all about!

We will continue to chronicle here our successes and learning opportunities as we move to fully integrate both family-style dining AND eating in the classroom - STAY TUNED!

Our Menu this Week:  November 19th-23rd

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